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Baseball Moments—Here’S a Good Non-Yankee List (If There Is Such a Thing)

“Rich, Rich, Rich:

Love your magazine, love you, but your Yankee-centric baseball list is seriously misguided. Here’s mine, composed during Series Game four:

Willie M’s catch against the Indians’ Vic Wertz in the 54 Series would have been my first; for pure physical effort, nothing will top this.

Carleton Fisk’s Sixth game-winning homer in the 75 series would be my second.

Bill Mazeroski’s walk-off homer to win the ‘60 Series for the Pirates is number three, getting the nod over number four, the Blue Jay’s Series-winning walkoff homer.

Number five I give to Ripken 2131, not for the record itself but for the emotion of the victory lap.

Six goes to the Mookie Wilson/Bill Buckner 6th game hit (though the score already was tied by then; Boston had essentially already given away the game).

Seven is the Babe’s called shot.

Eight is Bobby Thompson’s shot heard ’round the world.

The final out of Don Larson’s perfect 1956 World Series win is number nine.

And number ten is a close call, but I’ll go with the Merkle boner that cost the Giants the ‘06 pennant, which just beats out Gibson’s game winning homer off Eckersly to win Game One of the Dodgers-As series.” (Thanks to all the others who wrote)


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