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Say what you will about the relative merits of social media platforms, but this was one of those exchanges that can only happen on Twitter. The subject was the New York Yankees’ visit to the White House in celebration of their 27th World Series championship. The interlocutors were yours truly and the Olbermanniac. For those who don’t know, Suzyn Waldman is the native Bay-Stater who, inexplicably for so many reasons, does color commentary in the Yankees’ radio broadcasts:

KeithOlbermann Of course my pal Suzyn Waldman is lined up directly camera right of the President’s microphone

DanFosterNRO Of *course* Olbermann would be friends with Waldman. Bad enough she’s from Boston.

KeithOlbermann @DanFosterNRO, Where do you think Scott Brown is from? AZ?

DanFosterNRO @KeithOlbermann Waldman broadcasts for the Yankees. Brown didn’t run for Senate in New York. He’s not a *Kennedy* or something.

[He walked right into that one.]

KeithOlbermann RT @DanFosterNRO Waldman broadcasts for the Yanks. Brown didn’t run for Senate in NY. He’s not a Kennedy or something. 🙂 / +…Babe Ruth?

[Weeeeeak. Plus, the Babe was from Baltimore.]

KeithOlbermann @DanFosterNRO Curt Gowdy going from Yanks to Red Sox? Johnny Most from Knicks to Celtics?

DanFosterNRO @KeithOlbermann There’s a reason it happens so rarely. & It doesn’t compare to me having to listen to her say “A-Rawd reached on the erah.”

UPDATE: This is much more fun than listening to Chris Dodd and Mark Warner yammer on and on about financial reform:

KeithOlbermann @DanFosterNRO Wasn’t it nice of POTUS not to mention that the last 9 Yankee championships occurred under Democratic presidents?

DanFosterNRO @KeithOlbermann Thus confronting Massachusetts voters with the cruelest of all dilemmas. Tessie’s Choice?


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