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Bashing Huck?

Ramesh, I think your correspondent is being over-sensitive. There’s no need for conniptions. Mike Huckabee is, for now, a frontrunner in the GOP race. That invites more scrutiny (including, perhaps, of those ‘missing’ sermons, a topic on which I have, incidentally, only posted three times), not the condescension of kid gloves. His success may also have something very serious to say about the direction that the Republican party is taking, a direction that warrants discussion and, from those who think it represents a potentially disastrous wrong-turn, criticism. Bottom-line: Mike Huckabee, and what he stands for, deserves to be taken seriously. He has something interesting to say and he deserves to be heard. He’s part of the debate, but if you’re in a debate, you cannot always expect applause; You have to earn it. In my view (for what it’s worth), Huckabee has not.


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