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Basic Questions for Pelosi

If Speaker Pelosi ever has another press conference, reporters should ask her the following simple questions about her claims that the CIA lied to her in September 2002 and that the CIA lies to Congress “all the time”:

1. When you discovered that you were lied to in September 2002, did you confront Director Tenet? If not, why not?


2. Were the CIA personnel who lied to you in September 2002 fired and prosecuted? If not, why not?


3. When you discovered that you were lied to in September 2002, did you insist upon Congressional hearings? If not, why not?


4.  On how many occasions other than the September 2002 briefing did the CIA lie to you or other members of Congress? Without disclosing classified information, what did they lie about?

a) Were the CIA personnel who lied to you fired and prosecuted? If not, why, not?

b) Did you confront Directors Tenet, Goss, or Hayden about the lies? If not, why not?

5. You claim that the Bush administration lied to you, but CIA Director Leon Panetta, an Obama appointee, says the information supplied by the CIA was accurate. Do you now maintain that the Obama administration is lying also?

a) Do you plan to subpoena Director Panetta to testify before the Truth Commission?


6.  After Director Panetta issued his statement, you stated that “we all share great respect for the dedicated men and women of the intelligence community.” How can you respect people who lie to Congress “all the time” about the most serious matters of state?


7. The military has used waterboarding for decades to train our personnel. Why do you continue to fund these exercises? 


8. Had the CIA told you about waterboarding in September 2002, what would you have done? Why didn’t you do anything about it when your staffer told you about waterboarding in February 2003?

a) Do you have any idea why the CIA would lie to you, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee in September 2002, but tell the truth to a staffer just five months later?

9. In the 2 1/2 years you’ve been Speaker, there’s no record that you’ve scheduled any hearings or sponsored any resolutions regarding the CIA’s serial misrepresentations to Congress. Given that national security is at stake, why haven’t you done so?


10. Which would you rather do: Answer these questions under oath or undergo a 30-second waterboarding session?


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