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The Battle of Gaza

Israeli commandos, storming six ships carrying hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists, came under attack with knives and iron rods, and one activist wrested a serviceman’s weapon. More than a dozen people were killed in the battle. The AP report is here.

The Jerusalem Post reports: 

Upon boarding the ships, the soldiers encountered fierce resistance from the passengers who were armed with knives, bats and metal pipes. The soldiers used non-lethal measures to disperse the crowd. The activists, according to an IDF report, succeeded in stealing two handguns from soldiers and opened fire, leading to an escalation in violence. …

“It was like a well-planned lynch,” one IDF officer said. “These people were anything but peace activists.”

Claudia Rosett writes:

The basic narrative spun by the organizers of the “freedom flotilla” is to “break the siege of Gaza” and “establish a permanent sea lane between Gaza and the rest of the world.” But there’s some important information that the flotilla crew omits. Gaza is a terrorist enclave controlled by an Islamist terrorist group, Hamas, backed by Iran. It has a busy and violent history of suicide bombings, shootings and rocket and mortar attacks; and is dedicated to the destruction of Israel. It is Hamas-run Gaza that threatens its neighbors and is hostile generally to liberal, Western societies.

Egypt has also had miseries enough with Hamas to find it worthwhile maintaining the blockade, though this seems to be of less interest to the “freedom flotilla” crowd. This ship convoy is not about freedom and not about aid. It is patently about helping Hamas and harming Israel.

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