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Battleship Mea Culpa

A reader corrects me:

First, let me say that I am a huge fan and faithful reader of all things NR. So it pains me to have to send this correction: There are no “battleships” currently deployed to the Persian Gulf, or anywhere else. A “battleship” is a specific type of warship, of which the U.S. Navy has only three that are currently commissioned (four, if you count the U.S.S. Missouri). All are essentially on display somewhere, and are not ready for active duty. Whenever I hear this, it sets my teeth to grinding at a furious rate. John Scott on FNC used this term so much, I had to go see the dentist. I have the same reaction to the term “fighter jets”. It sounds like a fourth-grader talking. My teeth and I would be grateful (sorry) if you would pass this tidbit on to everyone else.


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