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Battlestar Dims

From a reader:

Adama can declare this episode “closed”, but if word of Helo’s

treachery gets out (and it will, cause the crew aren’t idiots) then

Helo is the next guy executed in the airlock. But it won’t happen in

the writer’s fantasy land, because Helo is clearly supposed to be the

good guy, speaking truth to power, showing his patriotism via treason,


IMO BSG has been going steadily downhill since the episode “33″. Sad,

but it’s the truth. The writers clearly have no clue where they want

to take this.

Me: I’m staying loyal. But it’d be nice if the writers gave us some hint that the opening tagline “they have a plan” isn’t just a big fat lie.

Update: From a reader:

In no order of stupid:

The president’s briefing with Helo present where they’re talking about genociding his wife’s race. Duh? And everyone was surprised he wigged out ?

Secondly, the Cylons had one bayship infected with the virus and they managed to contain it. What makes them think they can’t again? This would not have whiped out the entire Cylon race as was dramatized.  Certainly, it would have been a huge loss of several bayships and a res ship, but not genocide… unless we’re to believe they’re down to just one res ship left and it’s defense fleet AND they’re all in range of this attack? What about the Cylon homeworld and the 12 colonies?

Third, why execute ALL of the prisoners to make your attack? One would have done the job.

Fourth, why were the prisoners all together in the same room. First rule of interrogation, seperate them from one another.

I know you can pick holes through every scifi show if you think about it too much.. but BSG (until now) has been quite solid.  Disappointing.