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Battlestar Galactica

Now we’re talking. I thought the latest episode finally got the show back on track. I can’t say I loved the depiction of life inside the Basestar, the “hybrid” was a bit too much of a cliché for me. But I think the dramatic tensions are back where they should be and the show is self-correcting onto a path of science-fictionness.

Once election season is over we can return to these important issues.

Update: From a reader:

Jonah –  

I must have missed your previous posts on Battlestar.  I was surprised at your post today.

While I was one who *hated* the second season finale, I thought the 2nd half of Exodus was the best episode of the series.  I had resigned myself to the notion that at least all of the third season was going to be on New Caprica.  To me, that’s not Battlestar Galactica.  You have to be ON the damn battlestar, right? 

To defend my love for Exodus part 2, here’s some choice moments:

  • Tigh *kills* his wife during the episode’s opening moments.  Actually *kills* her for doing what she thought was protecting him.
  • The Pegasus goes out in a blaze of glory – taking not one, not two, but THREE Cylon baseships with it.  Are you kidding me?
  • The Galactica drops into the atmosphere to release its vipers and jumps back into space with a sonic boom that pounds the folks on the ground.

As much as I hated the plot twist, I think the series will be very well served by it in the coming episodes.  If you wanted more dramatic tension, we should have it to burn for quite a while.


P.S.  Yeah, the hybrid was weak.  Felt too much like Minority Report to me.



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