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Bay State Marriage Mess

Stanley, the governor called it a “triumph of arrogance over democracy,” which seems exactly right. He said:

One hundred and seventy thousand citizens followed our Constitution’s process to petition government. They followed the prescribed process to place an item of importance before the voters. They asked for democracy.

But today, by effectively avoiding the constitutionally required vote on same sex marriage, 109 legislators disgraced their oath of office. Each of them swore to follow the Constitution. The Constitution plainly states that when a qualified petition is placed before them, they ‘shall’ vote.  By not voting, we have witnessed the triumph of arrogance over democracy. Whether or not you favor same sex marriage, you should be very concerned that the rule of law and the sovereignty of the people have been trampled. I salute the 87 who voted for democracy, who voted to follow their oath of office.

The move from the legislature really seems to be such an example of heavyhanded arrogance. And an embrace of judicial activism.

Romney continued: “There are hundreds of thousands of our citizens that hope something can be done to protect their constitutional right to vote on a matter of this significance. Of course, the only sure redress is through the ballot box. Today’s action was cynically timed to fall two days after they were safely re-elected.”

The governor said his options are limited, but we all know that’s not going to be the end of it. Nor should it be. And since it will be a Gov. Patrick — whose got some very different ideas than the current guv about marriage – before long, this could prove to be one lame-duck session worth watching.

Talk about the frontlines of fight of essential cultural signficance.


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