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Bazelon and Lithwick Defend Themselves

Bazelon and Lithwick make two points. First, “that critics on the right go after Greenhouse with an overwrought vigor not visited upon any other Supreme Court reporter (and few other reporters in general).” Huh? Bazelon and Lithwick have already said that conservatives go after Greenhouse because “she’s the voice on the court that matters most in the national press.” If Whelan and the rest of us are correct in saying that she regularly displays liberal bias, then of course we would criticize her more frequently than we would criticize other, less influential commentators. To show that our criticisms were “overwrought” or excessive, Bazelon and Lithwick would have to undermine our thesis that she is biases–which they don’t (and can’t) do.

Second: Whelan is really mean, a “hatchet man.” He called one of Lithwick’s attacks on John Roberts “baseless.” How awful. Making baseless attacks on John Roberts? That’s just another day at work.

Update: Links fixed. 

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