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The BBC Does Have One Group it’s Happy to Label as ‘Extremists’

Over at the American Spectator, Aaron Goldstein responds to my Corner post yesterday, in which I noted that the BBC was unwilling to call Abu Quatada, “Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe,” an “extremist.” Goldstein did a little digging and discovered that, despite the BBC’s protestations to the contrary, the corporation is not entirely averse to using the word on the grounds of being “non-judgmental”:

Well, how about being a Jew living in Israel? Consider some of the BBC’s recent headlines:

Israel bars 12 “extremist” settlers from West Bank

Israelis rally against ultra-Orthodox extremism

Shimon Peres urges Israelis to rally against extremism

So while the BBC declares it is beyond the pale to impart a value judgment where it concerns a Muslim jihadist, it expresses no such hesitation when it comes to Israeli Jews. This, my friends, is nothing more than anti-Semitism.


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