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Be Good, Members

It is a good move by John Boehner to have nothing to do with tomorrow night’s swanky, PAC-sponsored LeAnn Rimes concert to raise money for the reelection of some freshman Republicans. Among other things, someone clearly didn’t learn from the recent Shape magazine controversy over Rimes. I’m a huge fan of redemption — it’s my only hope — but freshmen coming to Washington and celebrating with a star most recently best known for adultery isn’t quite coming to town on the right foot.

Saying no to a drop-by, on the other hand, is. Declining a reception invitation is something congressmen ought to feel completely comfortable doing. Hitting the cocktail circuit may not be the best use of their evenings — for their constituents, for their family, for their moral health.

Bobby Jindal has some advice for Washington — and all of us — in his new book on leadership: “All people — regardless of their job or role in society — have the responsibility to notice when they are viewed as a role model and live up to that responsibility. No excuses. That admiring kid of today could be a political leader, athlete, parent or teacher of tomorrow.”

Along these lines, Claremont’s Seth Leibsohn and I offer an open letter of encouragement and caution to new congressmen here.


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