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Beantown Jerks

I understand people get passionate about

sports, but some folks need a punch in the nose. I refer to the guy here in

Dallas who drove past me last weekend as I was taking my kid to soccer

practice, and leaned out of the passenger side of his pal’s truck to scream,

“YANKEES SU-U-U-CK!” He was wearing a shirt that said the same thing.

Apparently the Yanks sticker on my car bothered him. “Daddy, what did he

say?” said my four-year-old son. I didn’t explain. Well, today, my wife and

kid stopped in a local Starbucks, and there sat a guy in a Red Sox cap

working on his laptop. Guy looks up as

they go in, and sees my kid wearing his Yanks cap. My kid smiles at the Sox

guy — and the guy gives a four-year-old kid a dirty look. On the way out,

my kid smiles at him again. Guy just glares.

I mean, really, I know you hate that your team lost, but why be nasty to a

four-year-old boy?


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