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A Beautiful Mind

On Uncommon Knowledge this week, Richard Epstein, who possesses, by the unanimous consent of everyone who has ever encountered him, one of the most comprehensively impressive minds in the nation.  During his long career at the University of Chicago law school, Epstein has taught virtually every course that the institution offers, and he is recognized as an expert in constitutional law, contracts, corporate law, real estate law, torts, labor law, and Roman law, in which field he is reputed to command a deeper knowledge of the Justinian code than anyone since the Emperor Justinian himself.

On today’s segment, I begin with a straightforward question: If Speaker Pelosi’s proposal to tax the bonuses of AIG executives were enacted into law, would the Supreme Court acquiesce, finding it constitutional?

A “yes” or “no” would have done – but wouldn’t have been Epstein.  To watch what happens instead, click here.


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