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Become an NR Institute Regional Fellow

One of the most rewarding undertakings of our sister organization is its Regional Fellows Program, currently operating in New York, Washington, and Dallas, and now about to launch in San Francisco. What’s this all about?

Glad you asked: RFP is an acclaimed course- and meeting-centered effort that re-introduces conservatism’s most important writings, thinkers, and institutions to those selected as fellows (and yes, there is a selection process), and builds a network of talented, like-minded individuals who can assist one another professionally and personally for years to come. It’s fun, and serious: Fellows meet for a series of eight weeknight dinner seminars. For each session, Fellows are expected to complete a 25-30 page reading assignment, which they will discuss with a leading conservative thinker (people such as Victor Davis Hanson, Rich Lowry, John Bolton, Charles Kesler, and Rick Brookhiser host these delightful and truly informative gatherings). In addition, Fellows receive invitations to exclusive networking happy hours and other area conservative events.

Become a Fellow: Right now the Institute is accepting applications for it Fall program series in Big D and the City by the Bay. You may apply here for Dallas, and here for San Francisco.


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