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The Beginning of the Negative Campaign

2012 will be the most negative campaign we have ever seen in our lifetimes. President Obama cannot run on his record because the Hope and Change he brought us is actually higher unemployment, more government debt, and a path toward bankruptcy. In fact the Democrats have already begun running negative ads against Republican contenders.


Results show that negative ads work, and this Iowa campaign has held true to that pattern. The “Leader of the Polls” has been attacked with numerous negative ads, and that person’s poll numbers have dropped significantly after that. Rick Santorum’s results in Iowa have earned him his time in the hot seat, and the attacks are sure to come. His ability to weather the attacks will determine whether he is a serious contender or whether he will crumble under the pressure.

I think that there could be more than three tickets out of Iowa. Do not count out Newt Gingrich or Rick Perry, whose poll numbers have been rising and who have strong Tea Party support in the Palmetto State. If Rick Santorum cant handle the upcoming attacks, expect voters to look for another option.

I think that these Iowa results set the stage for a “Battle Royale” in South Carolina and that battle may even continue into the Sunshine State. Conservatives are looking for someone to be our well-armored Paladin of Fiscal Responsibility, and the Iowa caucuses have been a good start toward finding the right candidate who can weather the storm.

— Amy Kremer is chairman of the

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