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Being Blunt

Inside baseball weirdness: I just saw this in National Journal’s “Hotline” today:

Blunting It Out Of The Park

Columbia Daily Tribune’s Rosenbaum writes, “remember when National Review Online mentioned” MO Gov. Matt Blunt (R) would announce his support for Romney “probably in the next few days?” It’s been 11 days since that was written, “and there’s been no such announcement.”

When Rosenbaum asked Blunt about the NRO story, Blunt said this: “I think what I said to the reporter was perhaps within a few days I might make an endorsement. We’ll make a decision about that at an appropriate time. But I don’t plan on announcing anything today. Okay? But I’m glad you asked” (12/12).

The writer is talking about this Jonathan Martin piece from the Republican Governors’ Association meeting.

But yesterday I (and everyone else in the world who signed up to receive their mass e-mails) received this link in an e-mail from Romney’s Commonwealth PAC:

December 5 , 2006 – Governor Mitt Romney’s Commonwealth PAC today announced that Governor Matt Blunt (R-Mo.) is the chairman of the PAC’s Governors’ Advisory Council.

“Matt Blunt’s leadership has made a real difference in Missouri,” Romney said. “His leadership has led to healthcare reform, hundreds of millions of dollars in new money for Missouri’s schools and a balanced budget without raising taxes. As the PAC focuses on helping state and local Republican organizations, I appreciate his willingness to lead our Governors’ Advisory Council.”

Blunt said, “I witnessed Mitt Romney’s optimistic leadership first hand while he served as chairman of the Republican Governors Association. He is a strong conservative with a great vision for the Republican Party and America.”

That might not be Blunt saying “Mitt Romney should be president,” but it’s close enough, isn’t it when the candidate hasn’t even formally announced an exploratory committee? Someone — someones? — is being very semantically silly.

(Tim Pawlenty seems to be doing something similar with McCain though. But no one’s doubting what team he’s on.)

It must be a much slower news December than I thought. Or at least in Missouri.


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