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Belgium: Just End It

Six months after their last election, the Belgians have yet to form a government. For some background, here’s an interesting Der Spiegel interview with Bart De Wever, the Flemish nationalist who is leader of  Belgium’s largest party. Here’s the key quote:

I’m not a revolutionary, and I’m not working toward the immediate end of Belgium. And I don’t have to do that, either, because Belgium will eventually evaporate of its own accord…if it were possible to pursue the reforms that are now needed in Belgium as a country, I wouldn’t stand in the way. But it isn’t possible. The Walloons — especially the Socialists, as the strongest party — are blocking all reasonable reforms. That’s why I say: Belgium isn’t working anymore! Belgium is a failed nation.

Indeed it is. And it has been for a long, long, time. It’s no surprise that a ‘B’ seems set to land in the PIIGS sty.


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