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Believing Marriage Is between a Man and a Woman Is Not Hate

As I was writing earlier about the Fulton case, I was receiving emails about my hatred for gay people, hating them so much that I’ll put children’s lives in danger. I certainly hope I don’t hate anyone. We are all on this earth with the struggle of being humans. We all have challenges, and I want to encourage other, not condemn them. At the same time, we live in a country that was founded on principles of freedom — religious freedom chief among them. You are free to believe in God, to not believe in God, to believe in lots of things. And it’s not outlandish — or hateful — to say that a Catholic agency has the right to operate as its conscience dictates. We want people to be in the foster-care space who believe the Beatitudes are a duty! There will be other agencies, including Christian agencies, who will decide they can make the adjustment, living in the world as it is. I think we live in a nation with tyrannical impulses on both sides, so to speak. The Fulton case really is about religious liberty and not about hurting wounded people. Can we see it is possible to have different opinions about things without hating one another?


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