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Well, I got out alive from WBAI Pacifica wkthout

anyone apparently minding (or, more probably, just knowing) that I am an

agent of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy.

Actually, I always fall into Stockholm Syndrome at these places. (I’ve been

to a few, including one in Boulder, Colorado that was practically PAVED with

granola–I actually saw my interviewer ride in on a mountain bike.) I end

up liking the people. This proves yet again that I make a lousy ideologue.

Harry Allen, who does the WBAI “Nonfiction” show on Friday afternoons, is a

great guy–thoroughly well prepared, keenly interested in the subject he’s

presenting, and not at all intent on pushing the talk in the direction of

any particular agenda. The segment before my talk was about the history of

flight, and it was really interesting. One of the speakers blamed the

decline of the U.S. small-plane industry on out-of-control trial lawyers, in

a passage that would not have been out of place in a National Review

editorial. When we got on to prime numbers, Harry knew just what to say,

and asked all the right questions. A happy and convivial experience.

I doubt there is a single person in the whole WBAI operation that votes

Republican, but I wish them all well, anyway. And they need good wishes:

they’re having financial troubles. Good luck, thanks, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

to Harry and all the folks at WBAI.


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