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Ben Carson Scandal Less than Meets the Eye

I was appalled when I heard a news report claiming that Ben Carson admitted lying about “applying and being accepted” on scholarship at West Point.

Then, I saw that he never wrote that he applied, nor was accepted. In a book he said that he was offered a “full scholarship.” And he turned it down because he wanted to be a doctor.

Here’s the thing: ALL West Point cadets receive full scholarships in return for their military service.

I suspect Carson was told that due to his high ROTC status, he could get in–and that if he did, his education would be free.

He misstated about being offered a full scholarship, since that is not technically true. But it doesn’t nearly rise to the level of mendacity that the media are making it out to be.

Now, we’ll see how he handles this major attack. That will tell a lot about his suitability for the nomination. 


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