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From January 2007:

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., is working on a proposal that would set benchmarks for the Iraqi government to stem violence there and end the war as soon as possible while avoiding military defeat.

“I’m trying to put something together that exercises congressional oversight that would provide some comfort to the American people and that certain benchmarks are being met as far as measuring progress or lack of progress is concerned,” McCain a potential 2008 presidential competitor, said of the resolution Thursday.


“Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., one of the most stalwart supporters of the war in Iraq, said Thursday that he might propose that the Iraqi government meet certain benchmarks for the United States to continue its engagement. Fellow senators and independent political scientists said McCain’s thinking reflected growing concerns within the Republican Party about the course of the war, and also might mark a turning point for the likely 2008 presidential contender, whose previous unconditional backing of the war may have hurt his prospects. McCain said Thursday that he hadn’t yet decided on precise benchmarks. ‘They’d have to be specific and they (the Iraqi government) would have to meet them.’” (Margaret Talev, “McCain Suggests Iraqi Government Meet Benchmarks,” Knight Ridder, 1/25/07;


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