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Benedict in Sackcloth

Comments like this one, in an AFP story (but many other places, too, and will be many other places as the week progresses) irritate me:

In response to papal comments about the sex scandals here:

“It’s a great public relations statement, but it’s 25 years too late,” Patrick Wall, who left the church 10 years ago over the child sex scandal, told AFP.

There was also a piece in the Washington Post by a priest yesterday saying the pope should be washing the feet of victims.

The Church has been through a great humiliation, yes. What was done to children is inexcusable and a grave sin and shame. The pope knows this, acknowledges this, prays for forgiveness and renewal, and leads the way toward forgiveness, renewal, and a renaissance of orthodoxy. The pope genuflecting to CNN and the Boston Globe isn’t going to do anyone any good, however. As officials with a worldwide view of the Church note, the Catholic Church in the United States is, in the big picture, a story of some great successes — in education, health care, etc. The Church has to continue to do what it does best — serve, teach, preach, love. And Benedict’s top priority while being here is shepherding. And that’s what we’ll be seeing more than anything these next few days of his visit — with his rod and his staff ….


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