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Benghazi Victim’s Father Praises GOP Rep.’s Work in Investigation

The father of Ty Woods, one of the Navy SEALs killed in Benghazi last year, took a moment in today’s House Oversight Committee hearing to publicly praise Representative Jason Chaffetz’s efforts in the investigation of the deadly attacks. The Utah Republican has been on the forefront of the committee’s investigation efforts, including going to Libya the month after the attack.

Charles Woods said that Chaffetz ”has lived up to that promise to reach out” to the families of the victims, even giving Woods his personal cell-phone number. “Jason Chaffetz is a man of impeccable credibility — there’s no question,” Woods said.

Woods called on Congress to hold public testimony of other witnesses of the attacks, pointing out a discrepancy between a past hearing and the Accountability Review Board’s report in his remarks.


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