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Bennett Bounced

Sorry, Cornerites, I have been out and about all day and didn’t get to post this. Sen. Bob Bennett has been ousted from the Republican primary in Utah.

Bennett finished third in the second round of balloting at the state party’s convention, leaving attorney Mike Lee and businessan Tim Bridgewater to duke it out in the primary election.

Bennett was a distant third in the voting among roughly 3,500 delegates. He garnered just under 27 percent of the vote. Bridgewater had 37 percent and Lee 35 percent.

Bennett is the first incumbent to lose his seat in Washington this year, the victim of a conservative movement angered by rising taxes and the growth of government.

Bennett was targeted by tea party activists and other groups for supporting a massive bailout of the financial industry, securing earmarks for his state and for co-sponsoring a bipartisan bill to mandate health insurance coverage.

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Three-term Republican U.S. Sen. Bob Bennett advanced to a second round of balloting at the Utah GOP state convention Saturday, but the embattled senator’s political career remained in danger of ending later in the day.

Bennett came in third out of eight candidates in the first round of balloting of the roughly 3,500 delegates, trailing attorney Mike Lee and businessman Tim Bridgewater. Bennett got 885 votes, behind Lee and Bridgewater, who had 982 votes and 917 votes respectively.

A second round of balloting to narrow the field to two candidates began Saturday afternoon after each of the three remaining candidates made a one-minute speech. Delegates are free to change who they vote for in each round as the field is reduced to two candidates for the final round.

Over on the homepage, the editors argue that Bennett’s ouster is not such a bad thing.

Daniel Foster — Daniel Foster is a former news editor of National Review Online.

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