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Bennett for Veep

An e-mail:

Kathryn,You ask if anyone is like Dick Cheney. I hold him in equally high esteem, but think you answered the question in your own post. The one man in American politics like Dick Cheney is Bill Bennett. He would be a spectacular VP pick. He’s brilliant, experienced in the ways of DC, has both gravitas and a sense of humor (not an easy mix, but Cheney has it and so does Rumsfeld–the only other man I can think of as “Dick Cheney like”), and best of all, he doesn’t suffer fools. He will never apologize for telling the truth and isn’t it funny how the attacks die down when he defends his words and deeds rather than apologizing for them? I am so very sick of craven politicians. Bennett or a man like him–I’d still love to see Cheney run–would be a welcome tonic for the 2008 election season. And not long ago I heard him hint that he’d do it.

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