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Bennett’s Seniority Strategy

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

Sen. Bob Bennett’s last-ditch effort to persuade Republican delegates to give him another term in office will focus almost exclusively on his seniority in the Senate.

Down in the polls with less than a week before Saturday’s convention, Bennett started his new campaign with an e-mail and mailing to GOP activists that ended with this slogan: “Before you vote, know what the consequences are.”

The campaign materials focused on his defense of Utah water rights and his work to defeat a land bill pushed by environmentalists.

Bennett told The Salt Lake Tribune his campaign will focus on what Utahns lose if Republican delegates boot him from office in favor of one of his seven challengers, all of whom are touting themselves as more consistent conservatives.

“They will not lose a conservative vote because, frankly, on the big conservative issues, my voting record and my opponents’ voting records would be identical,” he said. “But what they will lose is the Utah voice on Utah issues.”

More on Bennett’s uphill climb here.


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