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Berlusconi and Immigration

Bucking pressure from the U.N., the Catholic Church, and leftist politicians, Italy’s prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is trying to stem the flood of illegal immigrants into Italy. A bill is moving through Parliament fining illegal immigrants and making it easier to bring them before a court for deportation. Last week, Berlusconi enraged the transnationalist elites by sending 227 Africans intercepted off the shore of Libya back to Tripoli without first letting them land in Italy to apply for asylum. Then, even more outrageously, he rejected what he called the “left’s idea of a multi-ethnic Italy” created by unrestricted immigration. The Italian and European left accuses Berlusconi of reviving fascism.

Berlusconi is characteristically undaunted, claiming approval from three-quarters of the public. A little moment of thanks may be in order. After Bush’s wan support for border enforcement and in light of the coming Obama amnesty, it’s clear that no one should take for granted a politician’s willingness to defend a nation’s right to determine through due process of law who enters its borders. Without spokesmen, the idea of national self-determination will eventually become moribund. While Berlusconi’s support of an ethnically-based Italian culture obviously contradicts the American melting-pot idea, Italy is a very different country than the U.S. and is under no obligation to conform to American traditions. 


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