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Bernie Gets My Back

Bernard Goldberg (no relation, except in the whole Zionist-cabal-ruling-the-world-sense) gives an interview to Townhall:

Townhall: In a recent article on National Review, Jonah Goldberg talks about how conservatives are crowing victory over the Reagan movie. He argues instead that conservatives aren’t winning and in heartbeat they’d be willing to trade Fox for ABC…

Goldberg: I agree with him totally.

Any time I hear liberals say, “Conservatives have Fox and the Washington Times and talk radio,” I say, “You know what? If you want Fox and you give conservatives ABC, NBC and CBS, and you want the Washington Times and give conservatives the New York Times, they’ll take that switch in a heartbeat.”

Because while conservatives have clout in the world of opinion, liberals also have clout in the world of opinion. They have the editorial pages of almost all the big-city newspapers and the columnists in almost all the big-city newspapers are liberal.

But they also dominate the general culture. They dominate Hollywood. They dominate sitcoms. Comedians are liberal. People in the music world are liberal. Who are we kidding here?

They dominate the bigger culture, not just the news culture. So, any time liberals want to swap with conservatives, my guess is that my conservative friends would say, “Let’s do it, where do I sign?”