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Berniecare Would Cover Illegal Aliens

I recently took a hard look at Berniecare — what he calls Medicare for All, but which is better described as Medicaid for All.

It would really bust the bank — increase federal spending by $32 trillion according to the Urban Institute — require free abortion coverage, and wreck medical conscience, thereby forcing pro-life and Hippocratic Oath–believing doctors and nurses out of medicine.

It would also cover every illegal alien living in the country. Section 102 of the legislation provides:

Every individual who is a resident of the United States is entitled to benefits for health care services under this Act

Note that the proposal does not refer to citizens or legal residents, but “every individual who is a resident of the United States.”

That means illegal aliens would be entitled to full health-care coverage without charge. That would include dentistry, eyeglasses, mental health, and addiction rehabilitation. Gee, you would think Bernie and his many Democrat cosponsors want people to come here illegally.

We are often told that there are at least 11 million people who entered the country illegally living within our borders. Promise free health care to anyone who comes and stays, and those numbers would surely soar.


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