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“The Best For Boys and Girls”

That’s how Faith & Family magazine glowingly describes both volumes of National Review’s Treasury of Classic Children’s Literature. Each one, says F&F, “contains a wide selection of some of the best stories for kids ever published. These wholesome, exciting stories will entertain you as well as your kids.” Go on and put something other than a remote control or a video-game joystick in the hands of your kids nor grandkids: give them our big, beautifully illustrated books (replete with dozens of stories by Jack London, Mark Twain, Louisa May Alcott, Lewis Carroll, Rudyard Kipling, L. Frank Baum, Thornton Burgess, and many more literary giants). Our “Treasury” titles (including our Classic Bedtime Stories collection, which is ideal for beginning readers or for you to read to tucked-in wee ones as they drift off to dreamland) make wonderful gifts. They’re the perfect reward for an excellent report card, or just for being a great kid, and they’re thoughtful birthday presents too! You can order them securely here.


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