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Best Lede, Ever

Nick Cohen in The Observer.

It is undeniable that the best way to have avoided complicity in the horrors of the last century would have been to have adopted the politics of Jonah Goldberg.

Update: From a reader:

Mr. Goldberg,

That is a great lede (OK, just for you, the Best Lede ever) but was wondering what you thought about the last paragraph of the review – primarily the comment about “Goldberg’s free market has failed”. I doubt you think that’s a great ending or correct.

Oh, no. I don’t agree with the free-market-has-failed stuff at all. I’ll save a longer argument on this point for later. But I think better phrasing would be that the free market has stumbled and there are many eager to see it never gets up. As for what tripped-up the free market, I think there’s room for reasonable disagreement. But “failed” sounds like a permanent verdict, which is flatly absurd. Markets have lifted billions out of poverty, cured diseases, spread literacy, built cities, etc. A severe recession is hardly cause to proclaim permanent failure.


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