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Protesters Attempt to Shut Betsy DeVos Out of a Public School

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was harassed today outside a school in Washington D.C.

Employing the “Shame! Shame! Shame!” chant, which was popularized by characters on Game of Thrones who sought to run a fundamentalist theocracy, DeVos’s unhinged detractors exhibited a zeal reminiscent of a religious inquisition, the public school establishment being the magisterial authority and shame being pronounced on all who do not bow to its demands.

The Washington Teachers Union who organized a protest outside the school said that they did not approve of those barring her entry, but, some seemed happy to take the protest as an opportunity for a show of force. Washington’s WJLA reports that she was later able to enter the school.

This is likely to be the new normal. DeVos makes progressives’ blood boil because their opposition to school choice goes to the core of their cultural power. As David French put it:

These ideologues want to control public education, they want to use public education to inculcate secular progressive values, and they want public education to be freed from any meaningful competition. DeVos opposes all those goals, so her desire to help poor kids, her millions of dollars in philanthropy, and thousands of hours of work weren’t even deemed worthy of respect.

It may seem outrageous to heap all this abuse upon a grandmother working to improve children’s education. But none of DeVos’s good deeds will ever be able to outweigh the fact that she believes families should have options besides a secular progressive education. Given the power that flows from teachers’ unions’ networks and financial resources, DeVos can expect to face obstruction in many more places beyond the doors of this school.