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Ads Hit Dems’ Price Gouging, DeVos Smearing

The conservative 501(c)(4) advocacy group 45Committee has unleashed two ads, backed by seven figures, to counterattack Senate Democrat efforts to thwart the confirmations of Trump nominees Representative Tom Price (HHS) and Betsy DeVos (described by a National Review editorial as the right choice for the Department of Education). Liberals have an obvious reason for targeting these two nominees in particular: Both are acclaimed conservatives whose expertise and record on health care and education (and finances: Price was the highly regarded House Budget Committee chairman) pose a grave threat to Obamacare, the legislative centerpiece of the Left, and to the power of the teachers unions, which have been on the losing end of local battles with DeVos’s parent-empowering efforts.

Here’s the DeVos ad:

But wait, there’s more: Here’s Ian’s Tuttle’s NRO piece exposing the contrived scandal of Price’s personal finances, and here’s Rich Lowry’s recent column blasting the smear campaign against DeVos.