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‘A Better America’

We have an editorial up on the home page on the path ahead for Romney, and praise his speech last night. I thought the speech was excellent, and I say this as someone who has generally been underwhelmed by Romney’s election-night performances. He struck exactly the right tone of sadder-but-wiser disappointment with Obama to try to reach persuadable voters. He talked a lot about bread-and-butter issues of jobs, wages, and cost-of-living without losing sight of the philosophical stakes in the race. It was a synthesis that reminded me of Mitch Daniels, a limited-government guy who always concerns himself with practical effect of government policy on people’s daily lives. Romney invoked aspiration and mobility, and despite his critique of Obama and his recovery, never lost a sense of optimism. Finally, he delivered the speech fluidly and convincingly. Pete Wehner thinks Romney may prove a better general-election candidate than primary candidate. We’ll see. But it was a nice start.


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