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Better Off?

I just listened to CNN’s Bill Schneider report on their latest polls on the Clintons. One item struck me as particularly silly. Schneider noted that 49% of Americans said that we are better off under George Bush than we were under Bill Clinton. Forty-six percent said we were better off under Clinton. Schneider seemed to be saying that this “tie” revealed a “wave of Clinton nostalgia” in part due to the Hillary book-blitz. Come on. It’s certainly plausible for lots of folks to say that we were better off without a war on a terror and with a booming economy under Clinton than we are today. That hardly means people are nostalgic for Clinton. They might be nostalgic for the peace and prosperity (hollow though they might have been) of the 1990s. Meanwhile, hypothetical match-ups between Bush and Clinton have Bush winning by a mile.

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