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There’s a Better Wounded Warriors

In response to Re: Ugandan Wisdom

Mark: I serve (unpaid) on the board of a different veteran’s service organization that’s called Wounded Warriors Family Support. A few years ago, they had a dispute with the folks who now use the name “Wounded Warrior Project” and, well, without going into details about high-priced legal teams and such, suffice it to say that WWFS had to change its name. I have seen, first-hand, the fantastic work WWFS does with severely wounded vets and their families. It is deeply moving and inspiring. As much as the wounded vets endure, the burden on wives and children is often even greater. WWFS gives the support to care-givers so that they have the strength to continue giving to the vets they love. Wounded Warriors Family Support is run by combat veterans and gets the highest ranking from Charity Navigator and other independent agencies for low overhead, efficiency, and service. It’s a worthy recipient of donations. 


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