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Between an Obamacare Rock and Hard Place

I was just reading Michael Barone’s piece in the New York Post, in which he posits that the Obamacare software debacle could force the law to be delayed a year despite the recent collapse of Cruz’s Charge in DC. The key word to consider: Implosion.

But before you start cheering, think about what it would mean. First, the centralized control regulations fueling the rise in premiums around the country — the most pernicious aspect of Obamacare — would remain in place. But even if they didn’t, it’s probably too late for insurance companies to reinstate the old canceled, less expensive policies.

Second, no way the government would grant permission for the industry to return to underwriting. Even if it did, it is questionable whether the companies could get that function back in gear for new applicants, nor whether they would given that the law would be reimposed in 12 months. 

Third, the young would not sign up — which they probably won’t anyway. But the sick still would. The economics of the entire industry could be put at risk. Of course, they will anyway, but this would be the fall off a cliff instead of a slide down a steep hill with time, perhaps, to reverse course.

And what about all the premium notices that have all gone out? And premiums paid? The fact is, law in effect or not, it’s too late for companies to change course for next year.

Delay the law or not, we are reaping chaos from the Obama Administration’s hubris and incompetence. Barone ends his piece:

The consequences of a meltdown are enormous when a system is supposed to be used by everybody. If a private firm’s software fails, it can go bankrupt. No one else much cares. But if ObamaCare’s software crashes, the consequences will be catastrophic  for the nation and for the Democratic Party.

No. For a huge swath of voters, nothing is ever the Democrats’ fault, as enough people seem to vote for them more the worst things get. Even when it is an utter catastrophe. Even when the Democrats are at clear fault. I mean, look at Detroit. 

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