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By now (if you’re the type to be reading the Corner at 10 in the morning) you’ve seen the Christine O’Donnell witch ad.



Fred Davis is the adman behind it, and he took a few quick Corner questions on “I’m You” this morning from Los Angeles.

Q: Isn’t Rule #1 of political advertising “Don’t repeat the accusation?” You have Christine O’Donnell repeating the witch one. What’s the thinking there?

A: That’s she’s a very credible candidate for the U.S. Senate.

Q: Are you remotely concerned that this is all a bit silly for Senate politics?

A: That witch accusation had become her, overshadowed the real Christine.

Q: What’s your goal in presenting O’Donnell in ads?

A: I thought it was essential that she state that, to get it behind her, and let the real Christine shine through.

Q: Is it a problem that she doesn’t talk policy, that it’s all personality driven?

A: She’ll get to policy fast — had to stem the other tide first.

Fred Davis also created the new Mourning in America commercial and is the father of Carly Fiorina’s infamous demonsheep ad.


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