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Beyond One Rhapsody

George Enescu (Photo 12 / Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

That fellow up there is George Enescu, a Romanian musician who lived from 1881 to 1955. He was a very rare, and exceptionally versatile, talent. He was one of the greatest violinists in history. And an excellent pianist. And a natural conductor. And a formidable composer. He is best known for his Romanian Rhapsody No. 1, which is familiar all over the world, even if people can’t name it, or its composer. To refresh yourself on what it is, go here.

Why am I going on about Enescu? Because the Salzburg Festival has shone a spotlight on him this summer. And I have written about him, and other doings at the festival, here. My piece is called “Mozart & Co.” Yes, don’t forget Mozart, who is the big kahuna in Salzburg — but who graciously makes room for lesser kahunas, including brilliant Romanians.


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