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I just read the Boston Globe story on Newsweak. Similar to NYT. That Newsweek made a mistake is almost the sub-story. That Koran desecration probably happened is the main story. Newsweek just couldn’t get the goods, but everyone says its going on—or at least a lot of bad guys do. Lets assume that’s true–that someone in our military, or someone treated a Koran with less than respect–because others will. Then here’s my question: Ok, what if some of our guys have desecrated Korans? That makes rioting and killing ok, because it would all then be justified? Isn’t that the message with no widespread condemnation of the voilence? Think about Theo Van Gogh. He seriously ticked some people off, in ways similar to Koran desecration stories. He was killed. Where was the widespread outrage that he was murdered? Noticing a bad pattern?


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