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Biddy Goes Berserk

Disturbed British novelist Margaret Drabble has lost her mind. She admits she is consumed by hatred for America over what it “has done to Iraq.” The old bird actually prefers the Saddam government, which did this to its people. An excerpt, from the very fine reporting of the NYT’s John F. Burns:

His fear is understandable. This building was equipped with torture contraptions that included a sarcophagus, with long nails pointing inward from every surface, including the lid, so victims could be punctured and suffocated.

Another device, witnesses said, was a metal framework designed to clamp over a prisoner’s body, with footrests at the bottom, rings at the shoulders and attachment points for power cables, so the victim could be hoisted and subjected to electric shocks.

Saddam perpetrated sarcophagi with long nails pointing inward for use on political prisoners; America inflicts (says Drabble) Coca-Cola. She prefers the former. I’m not making this up. “My anti-Americanism has become almost uncontrollable. It has possessed me, like a disease,” she writes, in a coquettish appeal for some sweet lovin’ from that beefy Donald Rumsfeld.


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