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Biden ahead in National Polls, but Warren Leads among College Students

Joe Biden gives a thumbs up at the Democratic presidential debate in Houston, Texas, September 12, 2019. (Mike Blake/Reuters)

The latest polling from Politico/Morning Consult of the Democratic primary shows former vice president Joe Biden with a double-digit lead over Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, with 32 percent to her 21 percent. Vermont senator Bernie Sanders comes in third place just behind Warren with 19 percent. The results are similar to those the same survey found last week, when Biden had a twelve-point advantage over Warren.

Among respondents who picked Sanders as their first option, 30 percent said they’d migrate to supporting Biden as their second choice, while 28 percent said they’d move to the Warren camp. Biden and Sanders lead the field in favorability, both coming in at 73 percent, with Warren lagging a bit behind at 66 percent. According to the data, recent revelations about Biden’s conflict of interest due to his son Hunter’s involvement in Ukraine have not affected the politician’s favorability ratings.

Recent talk of impeaching President Donald Trump doesn’t appear to have affected the Democratic primary very much either, as polling over the last week has shown that candidates’ numbers mostly have remained stable.

Meanwhile, a recent College Reaction/Axios survey shows Warren with a significant lead among college students. The latest iteration of the poll was taken last Monday and Tuesday surveying nearly 600 demographically-representative college students from across the country, including only students enrolled in a four-year institution.

Among those voters, Warren has a six-point advantage over Biden, with 19.5 percent support to his 13.1 percent. Warren’s support among college students has risen by six points according to College Reaction data. President Trump, meanwhile, comes in just behind Warren at 17.4 percent, and Sanders falls in third place with 15.5 percent.


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