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Biden: ‘All Crime Will Continue to Rise’ if Republicans Don’t Pass WH Jobs Bill

Vice President Joe Biden went to the Capitol this afternoon to rally union members in support of President Obama’s jobs plan, which Democrats are now attempting to pass “piece by piece.” The first piece is a $35 billion spending bill intended shore up public sector employment.

Biden has already characterized Republican opponents of the bill as being unsympathetic to rape victims. He measured his words more carefully today, but he continued to attack critics who object to the “temporary” nature of the legislation, or that it is effectively a rehash of the failed stimulus package, which served as a generous bailout to public sector unions. 

“Let me tell you, there is nothing temporary about kindergarten being eliminated…There is nothing temporary about a live saved in a home invasion or a robbery…There’s nothing temporary about your house burning to the ground…” Biden said.

So, in addition to accusing Republicans of having acted like terrorists during the debt ceiling debate, Biden is now suggests that opponents of the president’s jobs bill also oppose:

  • Preventing rape

  • Saving lives

  • Firefighters

  • Kindergarten

When pressed, Biden defended his comments, explaining that “all crime will continue to rise” if Republicans don’t pass the bill in question.

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