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Biden & the Gates of Hell

Perhaps out of a political desire to seem more full of feck than his boss, Joe Biden declared that in response to the Islamic State beheadings ”we will follow them to the gates of Hell until they are brought to justice. Because Hell is where they will reside. Hell is where they will reside.” I realize that taking Biden’s language too literally is a shortcut to madness, but I always thought “bring to justice” meant “bring to trial.” The Internet seems to agree with me.  So which is it? When he says they will reside in Hell, he makes it sound like we will be sending them there. But he also says we’ll be bringing them to justice, which suggests that we will retrieve them. If he had said “we will follow them to the ends of the Earth” that would have made more sense. I mean do we have an extradition treaty with Hell? 

(Yes, I understand I sound a bit like the old man in the bank-robbery scene from Raising Arizona.)


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