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Biden Isn’t Staying Home . . . Completely

Perhaps Joe Biden has no Monday events because he thinks the best thing to do is to stay out of the news and to let President Trump generate his own controversies.

Then again, Jill Biden will travel to Macon and Savannah, Ga., today, and Doug Emhoff, Kamala Harris’s husband, will travel to Winston-Salem and Boone, N.C., today.

The recent claim that Biden has canceled all in-person campaign events for the remainder of the campaign is not true. Biden is scheduled to go to events in Warm Springs and Atlanta, Ga. Tuesday, and events in Broward County and Tampa, Fla. Thursday.

Still, for the last week of October, four events in two days — with two days off — represents a remarkably light schedule. For comparison, in the last seven days of October, Hillary Clinton did 17 events in four swing states. Hopefully it is a deliberate strategy, and not a concession to fatigue or any health ailment. In the past few days, Biden has had a few more gaffes than usual — declaring that he has put together “the most extensive and inclusive voter-fraud organization in the history of American politics,” and appearing to mix up Donald Trump and George W. Bush.

Hopefully Biden’s physical and mental health is fine. Because if after the election, he or his insiders reveal that he’s been dealing with some serious health issue that was hidden from the public, the fallout will be enormous.


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