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Biden: Syria Must Be Held Accountable

Vice President Joe Biden blasted the Syrian government today, saying there was “no doubt” that it had attacked civilians with chemical weapons.

In a speech this afternoon to the American Legion National Convention in Houston, Texas, Biden called the use of such weapons “heinous,” and declared that he and President Obama believed those who used them “must be held accountable.”

Increasingly belligerent talk from the executive branch has caused over 20 members of Congress to write to President Obama to request that he gain congressional approval before launching any strikes against Syria. Failure to do so would “violate the separation of powers that is clearly delineated in the Constitution,” the letter says, and reminds the president of his constitutional authority to reconvene Congress ahead of its scheduled return to work on September 9.  

In 2007, then-senator Biden said that he would move to impeach President Bush if he were to bomb Iran without first gaining congressional approval.


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