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Biden: ‘We Need to Choose Someone Who Invests in America, Not in a Swiss Bank Account’

Joe Biden continues his streak as the attack dog for the Obama campaign in another Iowa speech today, bringing up the Swiss bank account and dismissing the notion that there is any real difference between outsourcing and offshoring. Excerpts released by the campaign:

After days of saying nothing, the Romney campaign has responded by saying that we just don’t get it.   

We don’t understand the difference between “offshoring” and “outsourcing.”

If you’re looking for work, that’s a cruel joke.  

You think one guy says to another in the unemployment line:  did you get outsourced or did you get offshored?

Either way, Mitt Romney helped companies take work that was being done – or could have been done – in the United States, and had it done overseas


We need to choose a Commander in Chief… not an Outsourcer in Chief.

We need someone who creates jobs in Dubuque, Davenport, Pittsburgh, Toledo, not in Singapore, South Korea, and Shanghai.

We need to choose someone who invests in America, not in a Swiss bank account.

We need to choose Barack Obama.

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