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Biden’s Mouth

I for one would love, love, love to see Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket. I think Ramesh merely scratched the surface when he said it would be something like an all-talk ticket. I think people would listen to Biden’s gassbaggery and suddenly realize that the differences between the two men are very small indeed. It’s sort of like when you’re not sure if someone is a b.s. artist, or an ass, or a racist or whatever until you meet his wingman and that guy turns out to be much worse — but also substantively the same. Birds of a feather and all that. I think Biden is such a yakker it would confirm that Obama is pretty much all-yackety-yak too. 

Just look through Jim Geraghty’s piece on Biden’s pie-hole and you’ll get a sense of what I mean, as if you needed that sense.

One small criticism of Jim’s article though: he left out this bit on Indian-Americans, which would particularly come up if McCain picked a certain Louisiana governor.  


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