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Big Cheese

In Impromptus today, I talk of the relations between the Castros’ Cuba and North Korea — relations that began in 1959, when Fidel Castro and his gang took power. I mention that Castro has hugged two Kim dictators: Il Sung and Jong Il. If he hugged Jong Un — and, to my knowledge, he has not — that would make the trifecta. He would be the only foreign leader, I’m pretty sure, to hug all three Kims.

But here is what I want to say in the Corner: There are reports that Kim Jong Un is ailing. He has not been seen in public for a while. Is he suffering from some disability related to being just a touch overweight? That’s what reports suggest. They say that Kim acquired a great fondness for cheese while a schoolboy in Switzerland. (Kim Jong Un seems the perfect Swiss schoolboy, doesn’t he?)

That’s the problem with a Rob Long parody, such as we run in NR: As he himself has said, it can be so hard to keep up with real life.

P.S. Ponder this: In a country whose people are starving, the leader, whose system starves the people, is apparently suffering from an excess of weight. This is well-nigh Aesopian, or something.


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